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CPF Performance, LLC Was Created In 1983 By Lenny Magill To Facilitate The Operation Of A Multi-Brand International Retail And Wholesale Distribution Network With Both Printed And Online Catalog Sales Covering A Broad Spectrum Of Industries.
We Offer The Best Products On The Market Backed By The Most Knowledgeable Professionals In The Industry. We Are Constantly Growing And We Are So Happy To Have The Trust And Loyalty Of Our Customers.
4544, Maryland ST, San Diego, CA 92116🇺🇸
Tel: (818) 732-0410
Email: info@chrisparkerfirearms.com

Chris Parker

CEO / Owner And Founder Of Chris Parker Fire Arms.

Laura Lace
Marketing Director

Excellent And Only Female Staff As Marketing Director!

Jake Gray

Always Available And Polite Manager At Your Service!!

Joe Wood
Customer Support

24/7 Ready And Available Customer Care To Attend To You!