CCI Percussion Caps #10 Box of 1000 (10 Cans of 100)


Product Information

no 11 percussion caps In 1975 introduced the #11 percussion caps to the muzzleloading market. Why? No mercury, no corrosives, and damned reliable. CCI presently offers four popular goods. The #11M has greater power to ignite up black powders than the #11. The #10 cap fits revolvers with smaller nipples. They also have Four Wing Musket Caps for authentic and replica muskets and rifles. Use only nipples with a large internal diameter when shooting without a powder charge or bullet. Normal nipples can clog when fired repeatedly without a powder charge, causing the cap to fragment. For nipples without powder charges or bullets, CCI recommends 0.050 inch internal diameter. During firing, clean the nipples and the flame path. Always use authorized muzzleloading shooting glasses.